Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday - day of rest???

Normally Sundays are for lazing around and pretending it won't be Monday when you wake up. I actually want Monday to get here so I can feel normal again
Woke up feeling like utter trash - still battling with the bug. I feel like a Koala Bear because I just sit, sleep and stare and occasionally eat something if I can stomach it. I don't know if I am ill from being ill or mixing too many home remedies as I hate going to the Docs.
Stayed in bed all morning, took a bath and vied for attention and sympathy from my hubby whilst pretending to really be interested in the Tour de France points system.
Anyway, finally got round to finishing this weeks Claudine Hellmuth stuff - photo tinting is hard work when lying on the floor holding on to the hot water bottle...needs some tweaking but as I have more Dutch guests arriving this week, the craft room will be a little desolate for a few days...well...depending on how social I am. I want to add some more flowers but my new stash is in transit. Maybe I can get it finished for WOYWW.
Had to do the big clean up again and get the house looking decent as I prefer my guests not to write in the dust. Thankfully felt a bit better and got going.All done and time to look at my nails which have bonded very well with the CH paints....tomorrow nail salon and a good old gossip.
 During my sick week I did dabble and daub a little (between the narcolepsy).

Just a mini-canvas for showing today. Worked with mixing the CH paints to get the colour and some old serviettes and gel medium to get the faint flowery background  and made a couple of flowers from some vintage lace.

So Au revoir for now - wishing you all a good week (and all the folks now facing the kiddies for the next 6 weeks!)

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Deb C said...

Love this! I love your shabby-chic look and the gorgeous picture and roses. Really nice job.