Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just Time for a Bloggie...

I don't have much time today - had to work all day. Whilst taking a break from the dance world and trying to get this terrace sorted, I have a part-time office job  - just for the mo. Keeps me going and also to pay for this not so cheap passion for paper. Been doing loads of extra hours to help out and now I am gaga from too much admin. Never been an office type so...

I am signed up for Claudine Hellmuth's on line summer course. Kept sneaking on-line at the office to watch snippets of the classes! I am itching to start but the one thing that didn't arrive in my order  - a binder book - it the very thing I need. Still I have a week to get the first workshop done so I will savour it all in the weekend. Take a look at the BPS site:

Thanks to the folks who looked at my WOYWW post - it was quite exciting for me. Just realised if you pre-schedule a blog, that Blogger does not run on GMT. I kept thinking, "Where the flip is my blog...? Have I been banned or censored?"
Anyway,must love you and leave you. Thought I'd just add a piccy of something I made recently. A card that was part of an exhibition here in the area called House of Cards. Just to prove I don't always do vintage, altered things.

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