Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Firstly, I am going to be a real Brit and wave a flag and a nappy for the new Royal Prince. Welcome your royal highness. Blue blood or not, they all do great bottom burps in public!

This WOYWW? post comes in full holiday fashion live from the Belgian coast where it is also...phew, a scorcher!  Just a short walk from the sea and hooray a breeze too. After the terrible packing palaver (sigh...) and enduring a testing lifetime (well, so it seemed) entertaining my "Why am I held hostage" baby in the car, we skimmed over the Channel and on to   Blankenberge which is as traditional as you can get as seasides go... Ice cream, chips, holiday shops full of twaddle, promenade jammed with kiddies on bikey stuff, and the entertaining full range of brown, red and white bodies...
So not much of a craft desk to see...  I just managed to grab some magazines in the hope of finding a few moments to let my mind imagine what I might create during a fantasy free day of inkiness... Who knows? Maybe I can alter those stacking cups or emboss the
Right, time to go, it's taken hours to write this on the iPad with a random Internet connection I found floating past the window. But, hey, I made it!
Bye for now. Leaving you with Ruby on the ferry who was so excited to see so much floor space and  water... I was excited to see a cuppa and a catch a whiff of Eau d'holiday...
See you next week my dears.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday's child...is never asleep when I'm blogging...

So the fact that I am even able to get a WOYWW post up at all is a miracle. Hubby is away on a school trip abroad so this is going to be a sweaty, skinny and speedy post indeed. It is HOT, HOT, HOT! I won't start the debate of love it or hate it.. It all depends on what you're doing and who with. Nuff said.
Here is my desk which is in constant limbo at the moment. A quick sweep up of the scraps seems to be trying to tell me something!

 I did manage to grab a little time to make just one card inspired by Tim's July tag. Takes me two weeks to finish a card these days...
A little close up, the pictures will have to do the talking 'cos I sure ain't got time...

To finish a quick snap of a rather sweaty baby on the loose in my craft room! Help! I think my days are numbered.

Enjoy the desk hopping and have a good week.

Happy WOYWWing to all...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's on your workdesk Wednesday?

Good morning to the mid week crafty moment known as What's on your workdesk Wednesday? hosted by Mrs. "Bust-My-Big-Shot" Dunnit. I can't believe I am here for another week as I thought last week might be a one hit wonder. Every week I think to myself that life with a baby can't get any busier. One little person is intent to prove me wrong and now that Ruby's nap phobia and i-pad envy have set in, my visits to Bloggy land are like gold-dust.
Meanwhile back on Planet Desk we have a few signs of life. As usual a very grubby craft mat and this was the clean side. A tag in progress. A huuuuuuuge tag at that too. I think I mis-read the measurements in my haste to get an order in and ended up with these whoppers. A rather kitsch clock too, thanks to car booty hubby. Tis a wee bit too Michelangelo for me. Hmmm, the jury is still out on a possible revamp.

I just played around with paint, ink and sprays on my tag to keep the fingers and mind well-oiled. After a pretty organised and disciplined life, I am still learning the art of go with the flow in my now very domestic domain and that led to me making up this statement. It seems to me that getting the pink spray ink out is a cue for a needy baby moment. I should have taken up Origami.
Well, I will love you and leave you as it is Silly O' Clock yet again and time doth ticketh. Thank you so much to all who called by last week and welcomed me back. Hoping to catch up with you all soon.
Farewell for now,