Saturday, March 24, 2012

In the Lab....

Sunny Weekend Greetings to All!
Just popping in with a touch of Tagology homework seeing as I'm back at school. I decided to sign up for the on-line class from Tim Holtz. I'm sure many of you, like me, have made a zillion tags (ok, a slight exaggeration) and know your way around an ink pad. So maybe you're thinking, why bother?
I wasn't sure what to expect but it's a really informative, enjoyable and educational course...learning about the how and why - not just the what. Whatever your inky passion or style, Tim Fan or not, knowing your inks, products and their compatibility is an absolute must. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed in the course. Knowledge, sincere and passionate enthusiasm from Mr. T, tips galore, print-outs, insight and inspiration - a fabulous grounding for the rookie and enrichment for the prof!
l make sure I watch the class everyday, taking time to absorb the information, rather than rushing off to produce oodles of tags. I haven't made them all yet for each day...plenty of time for that and what's more my goal is to learn rather than produce!

That is after all the point of a workshop. To discover new things that you can develop and apply to your future work and projects...
So if you fancy joining in, but are short of time, it's still definitely worth signing up. You also have lifetime access - so you can go with your own flow.

So I'm just sharing a few tags from what I've managed to cook up so far.

With my crafty zone still undergoing a makeover and me therefore feeling out of sorts craft-wise, it's quite nice to be back on tags for a while... I'm sticking to simple one layer designs focusing on the technique rather than the perfect tag.
No embellies - just good old ink, colours and stamps. Still one of may favourite recipes! I'm running low on tags so I'll be stocking up. I'm off to the NEC to the craft show and I'm sure I'll find something for my pennies...then onto Sweden, well, Ikea then and picking up an antique wardrobe on the way home too. Just pop it all in a bag...thanks!

Both my bank account and I will need a day in bed after all that.
Look a full inky flush...all snapped on my desk. Or an 'in studio action shot" if you like which is another way of saying a grubby craft mat.
Enjoy your weekend, that Spring sun and don't forget the clocks change Saturday night. (Boo - less shut-eye on Sunday morning!) Adios!


Candy C said...

Beautiful tags, Sarah! I loved what you said about Tim's classes. They are fantastic! They honestly are just like Ranger U minus all the other people sitting around tables with you in class! You've got such a wonderful way with words! <3 Candy

Ink Art Designs said...

You have explained all of that so well.
You told me things that I didn't realise, and so have just signed up...
Dot x

Shoshi said...

Fabulous tags, Sarah! They positively glow! Wonderful radiant colours and great designs.

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. I'm still working through the WOYWW posts (I never finish these days because there are too many, and also Blogger can never be relied upon to behave)! Glad you like my backgrounds.

This evening I've been experimenting with Zentangle, and this has to be the most addictive thing I've tried, I think! I've just done a blog post about it.

Have a great weekend!

TAM said...

Stunning set of tags - loving the colours you've used.
Enjoy yourself at the NEC - sure you will find lots to spend your pennies on.

Redanne said...

Thank you Sarah, I have been holding off signing up for this class but I think you have just swung it for me, I am off to sign up - Tim should pay you commission and by the way - your tags look amazing! Enjoy the NEC and Ikea.

Karenliz Henderson said...

Beautiful tags! I'm taking this class to. I'm a day behind but it's been so much fun.

Linda M. Cain said...

I so agree with Candy..very much like Ranger U. Lovin' the colors here!!!


Carol Q said...

what scrumptious tags!

Sandy said...

Hey oh talented one which you definitely are! I am taking the class too and loving it like crazy. Will post my first tags tomorrow - you are light years ahead of me but I must say I am having the time of my life. He not only educates but really helps free up the spirit!!
Your tags are damnfamntastic!!

Sarah said...

These tags are gorgeous! I've signed up for the class, but I haven't had time to check it out yet! Can't wait though!

Janny Jager said...

Very beautiful tags Candy
Love the colors

Greetings Janny

Angelica said...

I love the colors!!
Beautiful tags!!

Anonymous said...

Love the tag sample collection, you've got some great results from your experimenting. Like you, I take the infomation in and work with what I've got. I'm getting much more out of the 'why' and 'How' revelations about products. Great class.

scrappin-scrappin said...

Great tags Sarah!! I'm been working on mine this weekend to. The class has been very informative!! Lovin it!

MvM-design said...

Awesome tags!!

Greets Marleen ;-)