Monday, September 20, 2010

What happened to the weekend??? And Sunday Stampers Challenge...

I'm having one of those days...I wonder if maybe it's one of those years. Do you get those days when everything just feels out of sorts???  However hard you try - you get way-layed, the phone goes, the housework is prodding you in the back and you seem to be faffing around chasing the world and his wife.
Today I'd planned a lovely lie-in and then a whole day in my paper oasis. Last week was manic and I had no me time at all. Hubby is home off sick for a week with a bad back injury and my folks turned up to do the garden - I am doing my best to conjure up oodles of sympathy and thankfulness in the appropriate areas...Yet here I am at the end of Monday getting nowhere fast, feeling deprived and to make it all worse I am feeling rather fluey. Voice already in Bonnie Tyler mode.
OK -  rant over. Decided to just burst into my craft room at 6pm and grab something. Three hours later I am modelling Picasso hands yet again. Busy finishing a project from the CH course and also entering a card into the Sunday Stamper's Challenge which is about the Movies. I would have loved to have spent loads more time on something bigger but I am determined to join in and make something of this day...

Here she is. I started with a glossy ATC and inked it up with green tones of Alcohol inks and then stamped with Stazon. Then started layering and embossing - throwing in the gold metal for the glamour! I wouldn't have normally gone for these colours and it was quite a change and challenge to make it work. I found this huge star background stamp in a cheap craft store and just love it!

Just talking about the lovely dame for a few moments has already cheered me up.

Now I just need to win the lottery, get a cleaner, hire a private manicurist and buy some more stash! Sorted.

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Hels Sheridan said...

Gorgeous art... hope you are feeling better hun... and yep, i have "those" days too LOL x